Simple, but versatile Multi-Scene-Management

SceneConnector aims to improve your multi scene workflow by providing a central SceneConnector component that can be used to load and unload scenes in both the editor and runtime. Connected scenes can be loaded and unloaded directly inside the scene view. While you are creating your world a graph of all the connections is automatically created. Jump to any scene or connector in your graph at the click of a button.



  • SceneConnector Component
    scene loading and positioning in editor and runtime
  • SceneConnector Handles
    load and unload scenes without leaving scene view
  • SceneConnector Graph
    visualize and manage scene connections
    • jump directly to scenes and connectors
    • load/unload any connector in the graph
    • import/export functionality allows multiple graphs
    • various convenience functions(bake lighting, set build scenes, …)
  • SceneConnector Extras
    easy to understand example setups with reusable components